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[Sticky] You can support Arkouda and gain access to some awesome services

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I know we live in difficult times and supporting a server you're just playing it's quite difficult.
However besides the game I have added some other services that may be interesting to you and I thought it would be a good idea to offer them for those who will support us.

You can do that by becoming a patron in

Patron Benefits and Services:
• Patron shout-out on Discord and videos
• Patrons Discord role
• Patron-only voting
• Discord Tribe Log - live feed from your tribe log in a private discord channel so you don't have to open the game to know what's happening
• Advanced Wordpress Site (5GB) - free for or hosting your own domain & e-mail (
• VPN Access to our server (Finland) - app available for desktop & mobile
• Arkouda Hosted NextCloud Account - app available for web, desktop & mobile

Also don't forget our merch in

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Arkouda Team

Posted : 21/08/2022 6:31 pm
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Arkouda ARK servers (2018-2022)

So as many of you already know from Discord, Arkouda servers went down due to lack of support to cover it's costs.
It was so good and we are proud for keeping it up for so long.

I want to thank some people.
All the admins for the support.
Especially @xoco and @vimaraes who were also supporting financially the server along with me.
@nuclearist who went over and beyond to assist in almost everything.
I also want to thank those who contributed and made some things possible when we needed it. Like upgrading the RAM to accommodate more ARK servers. So, thanks Tobs, @n00b-p and others I'm forgetting now.

Discord and our website will remain and maybe sometime in the future we'll return back to host game servers again like ARK II or something.

Arkouda Team

Posted : 22/12/2022 4:33 am