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[Sticky] You can support Arkouda and gain access to some awesome services

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I know we live in difficult times and supporting a server you're just playing it's quite difficult.
However besides the game I have added some other services that may be interesting to you and I thought it would be a good idea to offer them for those who will support us.

You can do that by becoming a patron in

Patron Benefits and Services:
• Patron shout-out on Discord and videos
• Patrons Discord role
• Patron-only voting
• Discord Tribe Log - live feed from your tribe log in a private discord channel so you don't have to open the game to know what's happening
• Advanced Wordpress Site (5GB) - free for or hosting your own domain & e-mail (
• VPN Access to our server (Finland) - app available for desktop & mobile
• Arkouda Hosted NextCloud Account - app available for web, desktop & mobile

Also don't forget our merch in

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Arkouda Team

Posted : 21/08/2022 6:31 pm