Arkouda Servers

Here you can see which Arkouda servers are online and join them directly with just a click

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Online: [Join] The Island PVE26
Online: [Join] The Center PVE02
OfflineScorched Earth PVE
Online: [Join] Ragnarok PVE06
Online: [Join] Aberration PVE02
Online: [Join] Extinction PVE03
Online: [Join] Valguero PVE15
Online: [Join] Genesis PVE05
Online: [Join] Crystal Isles PVE05
Online: [Join] Genesis 2 PVE05
OfflineAberration PVP
OfflineExtinction PVP
OfflineValguero PVP
OfflineGenesis PVP
OfflineGenesis 2 PVP
OfflineDeathmatch Arena PVP
OfflinePVP Events
OfflineRagnarok Plus Modded PVE
OfflineSurvival of the Fittest [SOTF2]
Online: [Join] Lost Island PVE07
OfflineLost Island PVP
Online: [Join] Eden01

This list is generated automatically

Score explanation:
Our Discord bot keeps score if a server is online and of how many players it has. So it’s an indication of popularity.

Adding to that the bot then uses that score to decide on which server with lowest score to shutdown when request is used.